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“How To Turn An Ordinary Business Into A Highly Profitable And Sellable Fortune,
In Just 12 Weeks or Less”
Discover why most businesses can’t sell-out for more than the cost of a cup of coffee, how you can CASH-IN BIG with my Revolutionary 12-Step Proven Formula.

From: Matt Raad

To: Business Owners, who want to propel their business into a ‘high cash-flow machine’, enhance their personal freedom & lifestyle, or just hand over the keys for: THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS PAYOFF!

Subject: A no-holds-barred all-out irresistible must have blueprint that Reveals: How You’re Literally Only 12 Steps Away From The Real Money Making Secrets That The Filthy Rich Or Other So Called Business Gurus Won’t Tell You About, & Don’t Want You To Find Out!!!

Just a big thank-you for your support and guidance in helping me get everything I needed to sell my business. Within one week of implementing your business coaching and on-line e-classes, I found a prospective buyer for my business that was prepared to pay the full asking price!!!!

Further-more, the business overview that I put together from the information I learned in the e-classes was very highly commented on from my buyers’ accountant! The buyers words were; ‘my accountant said that it was one of the best business overviews or Information Memorandums that he had seen in 20 years of accounting’. In addition to this the purchase price that I sold the business for was double the amount I had previously been told was possible by a business broker. I would highly recommend your education and mentoring to anyone else in business.

Annette Corrie, Gold Coast, 2010

Dear Business Owner/Achiever

Get Ready. Prepare Yourself!!!

Do you own your own business, with an urging desire to;

  • Sky-Rocket Your Sales…
  • Grow Your Business (upscale)…
  • Get An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition…
  • Increase the ‘value’ or ‘net worth’ of your business,
  • Free Up Your Personal Time…
  • Dominate Your Field or Market Niche…
  • “SELL-OUT FOR BIG BUCKS” now OR later…

Then read on – I’m about to show you how.

I have a message for you that is so REAL, POTENT, AND RELEVANT to both;
YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS that you should, could, and absolutely MUST apply immediately.

No hype. No jazz. No Bull.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk to you straight off the bat, just the way it is…
But to make sure that we’re both on the same page, I’d like to ask you few questions…

  • Is your business underperforming and not meeting your overall expectations?…
  • Are current times causing tough unbearable pressures, demanding unwanted additional ‘daily-grind’ to your business and personal life?…
  • Are you not realising the much overdue and deserving fruitful rewards of your tedious hard work & labour?…
  • Is your competition posing a direct negative impact or threat?…
  • Sick and tired of suffering staff issues & headaches?…
  • Sales down? Expenses up? Wondering where the all cash is actually going in your business?…
  • Feeling the harmful effects of the global financial crisis, & concerned about its uncertain direction?…
  • Banks and creditors up your spinal cord?…
  • Looking for a relieving exit strategy in your business that would free you up from its’ endless treacherous responsibilities, stress, and burdens?…
Or anything else that I may have missed, that you’re achingly DREADING right now in your current situation?…

Anything that could be easily solved with either…

More cash flow IN your business

More money in your life from a massive cash sale OF your business.

Is Your Business Successfully Profiting To Its Maximum Full Potential, Or Presenting As A High End ‘Big Cash’ Fast Seller Today?

Do You Have The Option RIGHT NOW To SELL-OUT Today, And Deposit A Mega-Dump Of Cash Into Your Bank Account, That Would Easily Put A Stop To All Your Money Worries?

If not, then read on…
As I’m sure you’re already aware, gone are the days where you could simply just hire more staff, cut your prices, or work harder to get ahead. Even borrowing money from the bank these days is almost like ‘signing your life away’.

What once worked is no longer an option…

It’s Getting Harder And Harder To Survive In Business Today.

Economic trends are declining. News channels are constantly flooding us with possible negative economic down-turns, retail sales are on the fall, the mining boom is faltering and real estate prices are falling through the floor – business sale prices are falling FASTER.

And please understand… I don’t tell you all of this to scare the living daylights out of you – that’s not what I’m about. But rather to nail down what’s really happening out there, & confront reality gob-smack square in the face. After all, ignorance does no real good, and of what value would this discussion be, if we were to disregard the very engine that drives all business – the world and local economy.

So what does all this mean for you?

Well, although these factors might mean potential chaos for most, simultaneously also produce many wealth creating opportunities for those who are well prepared. You see, it’s not the economy that is the cause of a fiasco in your life or business, it’s the lack of understanding and competence required to take financial advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves in such times.

Without doubt, it’s only the astute, wise, & financial savvy that will have any chance of staying afloat. You’ve heard it said before;

It’s The Lion That Starves Last In The Jungle.

Believe it or not, it’s actually in economic down turns when most wealth is truly created.

Now, if your fancy idea of winning the race is simply selling off your business hoping to pile up a stack of cash equivalent to the next lottery ticket, then you might be in for a nasty surprise.

Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy anymore. A business owner can no longer simply just ‘show up’ to the marketplace with a business to sell…

And expect to miraculously fetch top dollar for it.

Especially one that’s sloppier than a ‘wet fish’…

Sorry to burst your bubble – but in today’s marketplace, it just DOES NOT HAPPENPERIOD!!!

Business Buyers Can Only Pay Top Dollar If Your Business Passes The “Bank-Test”

And I am not knocking YOUR business. I am knocking the PRE-SALE PREPARATION OF your business (if it’s not up to scratch).

You see,

Because of the economic issues I talked about earlier, the mighty once benevolent banks have also turned a ‘shy-face’ to business buyers. And as a result, this has dropped consumer confidence to midget levels, meaning…

“For Your Business To Have Any Chance Of Being Noticed, It Needs Be Prepared In ‘Proper Form’, And Look Good Even On A Bad Day, Otherwise It Literally Won’t Sell For More Than The Price Of A Cut-Lunch”

So, where am I going with all this???

Well, really – here are the two options you have:

Option One
  • Do nothing
  • Continue to blame everyone and everything else for you current situation.
  • Keep dealing with the daily struggles of business – AND the inevitable threat of the ugly ‘fang biting blood hungry’ lions of the economical jungle – prowling & waiting on your very next uncalculated & feeble move.
  • Remain too busy slaving away barely ‘making a living’.
  • Lose the opportunity to prepare your business now before it’s too late.
  • Choose mediocrity – and accept an eternal second class standard of living.


Option Two
  • Get out of your business what you started it for – MONEY and a great lifestyle!
  • Rejoice each day enjoying the endless benefits of your high cash flow business, OR
  • Prepare your business for a ‘more than you can eat’ ‘to your heart’s content’ BIG MASSIVE SELL-OUT!!!
  • Free up your lifestyle and have the time to do the things you love.
  • Say hi to ‘Financial Freedom & Independence’.
  • Fulfil and manifest your most desirable dreams and aspirations.

And I sure hope you seek the second option.


By taking advantage of what I’m about to share with you!!!…

You’re about to find out how you can cash in on one of the best kept secrets of the rich.

The secrets that only a select few are privileged to possess.

A way to transform your business into a predictable lucrative cash cow and/or a highly profitable selling opportunity.

A REAL perfectly legal ‘no brainer’, that is sure to boost and maximise your entire business from the ground up.

Something that will allow you to dominate your market long term, and survive any economic trend…

A system that will GIANT LEAP your current situation forward and turn your business into a lucrative golden nugget, profit producing business model.

A system that leaves the very best accountants and financial advisors STUNNED!

“A System That Is A Proven, Reliable & Affordable, That You Can Apply Immediately, That Produces High Results Fast, With Minimal Effort”

And you need it right now…


Well here it is…

What if I could show you… regardless of any previous ‘experience or knowledge’…

How you could completely transform, enrich, and revolutionize your business to extraordinary levels … with a ‘miraculous grand results’ makeover, requiring minimal effort or cost…

In just 12 weeks or less !!!

And, be in a position where you could…

Cash-Out For Top Dollar And Enjoy The Biggest Payday Of Your Life???

Well, it IS possible.

Sit back and enjoy the rewards as you reap the benefits of soaring cash-flow sales at your door… an easier to run business, WITHOUT the day to day headaches, and an optional super lucrative exit strategy!

I’m about to welcome you to true business success…

Where you learn off the backs of others, who’ve done it all before (including myself):

Without the need to re-invent the wheel…

Cutting out unnecessary nail-biting heartache & pain, avoiding all the costly mistakes that put holes in your pocket & send you penny broke…

Fortunately for you, there is an easier path…

Where I take you by the hand…

And show you, step by step…

“How to turn your business into a ‘highly profitable and sellable fortune, in just 12 weeks or less”.

Where I pass on this skill to you…

And watch you Prosper, Succeed AND Flourish

A skill that you can learn very quickly…

Through my amazing proven profitable ‘business turn-around’ tactics that have been responsible for my success AND the success of many others…

Let me you to my…

“12 Week Turnaround

My secret dream making ‘no-nonsense’ formula that catapults any ordinary business into a highly profitable selling goldmine in as little as 12 weeks!

In this simple to follow ’12 Step E-class Program’, you’ll learn the secrets to preparing your business for sale FROM DAY ONE! Because a business that is prepared for sale is not only just worth a whole stacks more, but also easier and a whole more enjoyable to run.

My 12 Week Turnaround Program is a quick and easy process that will get your sales rolling and gear up your cash-flow. It is designed to rejuvenate your business with a new refreshing energy and a results oriented system that will position your business for a prosperous sale on any day of week.

I will show you how to evaluate what your business is really worth, and the 5 main target areas to focus on that will quickly & easily make it more valuable.

This program is filled with so many useful sure-fire tactics to accelerate your business to the next level; it really is like money in the bank.

This program is designed to get you thinking like a millionaire and a ‘level playing field’ business entrepreneur.

You’ll be learning ‘e-x-a-c-t-l-y’ what the rich and successful do to achieve ‘MASSIVE’ success in the game of business and wealth creation.

I have invested literally months of time & painstaking effort in development of this program to bring you the very best ground-breaking practical pro-tips & tactics you’ll need to make BIG CASH FAST in your business and life!…

Now, I know what you may be thinking…

I understand that you might be UP TO THE HILT with work and busy schedules… so correct me if I’m wrong;


  • Learn another lengthy fine-print course like the one they made you do in school…Most of us got out of school in the first place for that very reason!
  • Find 20 hours per week to get this stuff under your belt…
  • Invest huge amounts of cash to pay for more education that may just sit on the shelf, waiting til you ‘get round to it someday’…
  • ‘Rack your brain’ with complicated mumbo jumbo lingo & jargon. You hear enough of that from your favourite politicians at election time.

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear, it’s… NONE OF THE ABOVE

My 12 week turnaround program really is a piece of cake. Delivered to you in twelve weekly ‘simple to understand’, ‘plain English’ and ‘easy to implement’ bite size chunks, where you can digest at your own pace.

This is so easy, you’ll be amazed.

Let me quickly clarify what this is NOT ABOUT!!!

  • An all-out over exerting involvement on your part.
  • Firing employees or altering your entire staff structure.
  • A change of physical stock, product, or merchandise.
  • Any ridiculously excessive amount of capital to renovate or shop fit-out.

On the contrary,

It simply means appropriately ‘dressing’ your business with the bright & colourful selling signs of an attractive highly profitable enterprise that shouts ‘BUY BUY BUY’.

And here’s the most exciting part of the whole program…

“Not Only Is The Implementation Of This Information Simple, But The Effects Are Rapid. You’ll See Results As Soon As You Implement The Strategies”.

Imagine this…

You’ve just completed the 12 Week Turnaround Program. You’ve transformed your business to a whole new level. It’s positive new feel, function AND market response is refreshingly apparent. It shows. It’s PRODUCTIVELY evident.

You re-value your business based on new earnings & turnover, only to find your very eyes in disbelief. Wow, ‘is this really what my business worth now?’

You fantasize a possible big massive cash sale. You know! That sweetheart deal. You go for it. Well, what have you got to lose, all it’s ever going to cost you is a measly little listing fee anyway. You list your business for sale & wait – but not for too long!

You get a call, and to your most astonishing & bewildering amazement, what you once thought but a dream is now happening before your very eyes.


Let me tell you that this example is but just one of MANY REAL LIFE STORIES that happen in my world all the time. And I can make it happen for you too.

Now, in the event that you haven’t heard of me before, let me introduce myself.

My name is Matt Raad, and I have been a professional business broker involved in multi-million dollar business deals, working closely with ‘high net-worth’ entrepreneurs, investors, & wealth creators. Together with my wife I have bought & sold numerous businesses of our own. We have consulted with multiple business owners and operators of all types, from novice beginners to master level tycoons.

I have made an extra $1.3 million for a client in just two weeks, and also helped the owner of a ‘not-so-prosperous’ fish & chip shop add an extra $150,000 in as little as 10 minutes.

“My Experience As A Professional Business Broker Has Given Me Two Rare and Valuable Insights…

1) The Essential Elements Of A Great Business, and
2) What Business Buyers REALLY Pay Top $$ For

This valuable & rare experience & expertise has allowed me to passionately share this information Australia wide through seminars and workshops.

My unique, results driven style of business advice is in low supply and high demand today like never before, and I feel privileged to be able to share my knowledge with you.

So with all that said, let me explain how “The 12 Week Turnaround Program” will benefit you.

You will immediately know the real value of your business. And in swift speed time you’ll be able to quickly make it worth a whole lot more.

– You’ll pick up valuable tips & tricks that’s ‘privy to insider information’, stopping you from leaving precious money on the table – meaning more wealth opportunities for you now.

You’ll be repeatedly rewarded handsomely over & over again, because not only can you apply this in your current business – but in ANY business. And, if you presently don’t have a current business, then you’re also in for a real treat. You’ll gain knowledge that’ll show you how to pick up a business for peanuts & sell it for TOP DOLLAR in a very short period – meaning quick money for you.

You’ll SKIP the struggle of everyday standard small business & shoot straight through the rubble by using the same powerful leverage systems used by the rich & wealthy. This is like literally STEALING TIME, by allowing you to SHORTCUT your way to the top, meaning you make more money in LESS TIME.

– You’ll be able to sell-out fast, meaning you don’t need to be unwillingly chained to your business any longer if you don’t want to.

You’ll have options. Upon compilation of this process, you may come to realise that your business is NOT going to give you the lifestyle you desire, in which case will save you years of hard work and wasted effort BY GETTING OUT NOW!.

So, as you can see, applying this information in YOUR business means the difference between constant pain, mediocre results cubed within four walls, and a highly profitable business that ACTUALLY sells.

This system really is a cinch… matter of fact… when you apply these steps in your business, it’ll literally sell itself…

Buyers know exactly what they want, and when they find out you’ve got it, they’re on to you like a hawk.

And what about lifestyle??

Want to hang on to your business? No problem: Keep it and enjoy the many ongoing benefits of increased cash flow and ease of operation before you sell out for a fortune down the track.

– By applying the techniques I show you, you will have a much greater level of control. You will be in the driver’s seat – in charge of your financial future & on your way to true success.

I assure you…

Once you have this knowledge, you’ll have the ability to create your business future how you want, exactly as you want, with all the time & cash flow you need to live the lifestyle you most ardently desire.

“The 12 Week Turnaround Program” is designed essentially to allow you to…

“Move Forward In Life By Taking Your Foot Off The Accelerator”

And for a limited time, you can get access to my unique 12 Week Turnaround Program instantly online…

Here’s What You Get:

  • The complete 12 Step Program delivered in 12 easy to read, fast to implement e-classes.

You’ll get instant access so you can go at your own pace – you might want to speed through the whole lot in a week – or take your time over 12 weeks, the program will be there for you whenever you need it.

Here’s a taste:

EClass 3 – The one critical mistake that could cost you the sale of your business – without this step you will never sell for what it’s worth – this is the key to why most businesses never get even close to realising the true value they are sitting on and getting their big payday

Learn how I can instantly tell how to improve a business just by looking at their figures and how to quickly zero in on the areas of your business that will give you the best returns

EClass 5 – How you can INSTANTLY get more cash out of your business
INSTANTLY add thousands of dollars in your back pocket – it’s easier than you think and it doesn’t take hours of effort

EClass 2 – The secret to valuing your business. Your business is probably your biggest asset but do you know what it’s worth?? In my experience 95% of business owners have no idea what their business is really worth, or what buyers will pay the most for. You’ll learn how a buyer will see your business and how you can increase value instantly. You’ll also find out what big buyers and high net worths are looking for in a business, and what they will pay multi-millions for!

You’ll learn the simple techniques that mean your business could sell for 5 times more than you think – why the SAME business can sell for $200,000 or $1,000,000 just because of some simple changes

EClass 8 – Find out how a simple name change added millions to a lolly business, and how it could add $$ to yours too

EClass 4 – The true secret to starting with the end in mind, the one essential factor for the million dollar sale, and one of the most overlooked secrets to successful business renovation – miss this and you are literally throwing your time and money away

Every wondered how these young business people are selling out for millions in cash?? EClass 4 reveals their secret, and you’ll be shocked at how simple it is
The essential factor that helped me sell businesses for millions more, quickly and easily

EClass 11 – Are you missing out on the biggest boom in history? Is your business falling behind because you don’t understand how to use the internet properly? In this EClass you’ll learn how one business added an extra $200,000 a month within weeks!

We show you special FREE tools that will help you get an unfair advantage over your competition, how to make your website really work for you, get hot targeted buyers into your business, how you can get a free website in half an hour, how you can be seen as a leader in your industry and how you can even pinch your competition’s traffic!

EClass 6 – discover the most prized possession of a cashed up business buyer, if your business has this buyers will crawl through barbed wire to cut a deal with you

EClass 7 – Do you think systems are difficult and boring? Wait until you see our turbo charged systemising technique! In EClass 7 you’ll discover how to create your own 24-hour cash machine – and we make sure you only put effort into the things that give you the highest return in cash and time!

PLUS! How you can add a premium to your selling price – our unique “Golf Test” will show you exactly what you need to do!

EClass 12 – I reveal the secret ingredient that meant I sold a business for an extra $1.3 million in 2 weeks…



You get my Unique worksheets and Resources to help make the turnaround even faster and easier for you, valued at $179.


The Internet for Business – You’re about to discover some powerful internet based tools and resources to quickly grow your business’s profit and value, and put you WAY ahead of the competition. This special bonus Eclass reveals essential secrets to maximising your returns in your business in the internet age! Valued at $99


The 5 Key Elements to Protecting Your Assets Report – simple once you know how, and essential for your peace of mind. I have seen too many business owners fall down and lose EVERYTHING because they didn’t understand these 5 simple things – get the right info now and protect you’re a** for the future! Valued at $197


TIMING is essential for getting top price for your business when you sell. Believe it or not, there are even certain times of year that are better to list at. This detailed checklist will help you determine when is the OPTIMUM time for you to sell your business so you can sell at the HIGHEST price possible – learn from my years of hands-on experience. Valued at $159


I’ll share with you the personal story of a client of mine and his $5 Million dollar mistake. You’ll learn IMPORTANT lessons that will save you time and money both in the sale of your business, and in the way you build and run your business. I hope that you will learn a lot from my experiences and never make the same mistakes as he did. Valued at…$5 Million!

Here are just a handful of what many others have to say….

“If I’d had this information when I started, I could have saved 3 or 4 years of my business life”
Brendan King.

“I have to say these guys are so professional, of integrity, have great knowledge and they will help you. These guys know their stuff”
Tracey Korman
“I’ve got 2 business degrees, and 30 odd years of business experience, but the techniques, checklists and strategies I’ve learnt, is better than anything I’ve learnt during those 8 years of university. Please, take advantage of this opportunity”

Kym Heffernan.

We joined Matt & Liz Raad’s program to systemise our business and to set it up sale.

They showed us the best way to get our figures and systems in place to instil confidence in the buyer, something that is ready for sale and going to make money from the day they take over. We put this advice into action and now we are choosing to keep our business because of its positive turnaround improvement. It is running so well!

I have a now have a renewed passion for my business, enjoy the increase in income, and extra time for myself out of the business.

Their advice and encouragement has been so valuable to me. If you are at a cross roads in your business and don’t know which way to turn, I highly recommend you join Matt & Liz’s program.

Andre Farley, Castlemaine VIC

I first contacted Matt and Liz when I was given the task of supervising the sale of our family’s disability support agency FAST. I joined their program and within the first lesson, I had already identified the strengths of the business and what would be THE BEST FOOT TO PUT FORWARD, so to speak.

Through Matt and Liz’s help, we managed to get double the initial conservative estimate on the business and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Tony Njanja, Brisbane Australia

Hi There,

Having just completed the program, I can say without doubt that it was the main reason my business sold!

It had been on the market for 12-18 months, and joining the program was my saviour. I had no luck in selling it at that point. The experience of the Raads and their guidance through the program made it possible for my business to be sold at a very healthy price. What more can you ask for? Do yourself a favour! If you’re selling your business or buying your next one, then I highly recommend Matt’s program.

Denise Hall

So, what is the REAL value of this program???…

Well, let’s think about it. If you were turning over $100,000 in your business, and as a result of this program, you increased your sales by just 10%, that’s an additional $10,000 in your business.

If you were to increase your sales by 20, 30, or 40%, that’s up to an extra $40,000 that you NEVER HAD!

And these figures are very modest too, mind you. Many of my ecstatic overwhelmed clients have made much more than this through my program.

And that’s not including the extra capital from the SALE of your business. As you saw, one of my happy clients DOUBLED the initial estimate, and he couldn’t be happier.

Moving right along, what would it cost you to find, use, & test these ideas yourself.

And of course, don’t forget to add the time involved in all that process also.

But more importantly,

What Is It Costing You In Lost, Sales, Capital, & Wealth Creating Business Opportunities???

So as you can plainly see, the value of the tricks and tactics that you’ll learn in this program is BEYOND COMPREHENSION. Because what value could you possibly put on a better lifestyle, increased wealth, more family time, more travel and less stress??

And so, I guess by now you’re most probably thinking, what’s all this going to cost?

Well to be quite honest with you, I really had to give this a long hard thought. Considering that I would normally charge anywhere from 5-15%, which is approximately $15,000-$45,000 on a $300,000 deal for my services and advice on preparing your business for sale, I had to balance the scales here between lost brokerage opportunities and sharing my message.

And bringing into account that if any ordinary business coach or adviser ever did offer a program like this, then he or she would easily charge a hefty fee of at least $4,000 or $5,000. Because they would charge in direct relation to how much money the program will make you. And truthfully, even at that fee, it would still be a dead giveaway.

But I don’t want my program to reflect anything that high.

Considering the amount of work and sweat equity I have invested in the careful and precise development of the program, I could easily charge at least $1,000, and that would still be laughing bargain in anyone’s language.

But giving it further thought, charging that price would detract the masses of away from my original plan, and this package would only end up in the hands of a minority few, and that’s not my goal. Because if absolutely EVERYBODY had this program, then heck, it would be one hell of an awesome economy.

So, I thought a good asking price would be a humble $500, because when you consider the amount of money you can make INSTANTLY from what you’ll discover in just e-class 5, or the hidden money in your market after applying the competition strategies in e-class 11, then at that price, it’s now become a serious joke – and more.

But, and this is a BIG MASSIVE BUT, Here’s what I’m going to do to.

If you’re serious about making a gigantic positive difference in your life, and promise me to apply all the information in this program as I’ve described, and share your success story with me immediately, I’m going to let you stealthily grab this program and run, as quickly as you possibly can, for a ‘never to be repeated’ one time only offer super low investment of just $197.

But you’ll have to be quick, because I won’t be making this package available at this price for long – remember, I normally offer this ONLY as part of a $3,000 coaching course!

And here’s the best part. I am so confident that my “12 Week Turnaround Program” will work for you, that I am backing you with a 30 day solid iron-clad money back guarantee. So there’s no risk to you – NONE. I’m not satisfied unless you are. If for whatever reason, you feel that this program did not deliver what I promised, I will refund every penny you invested, no quibbles, no questions asked.

If You Are Serious About Your Personal And Financial Future, Then You Simply Can’t Afford To Be Without The Information Contained In My Outstanding Program.

Don’t hang around – I mean why wait to know this stuff?

I urge you to take action right away, and start reaping the benefits today.

It will be the single most important decision you make this year.

Become A Successful Business Owner And True Entrepreneur Today.

With a REAL valuable business asset that’s worth MEGA BUCKS.

You’ve already taken the first step… by just BEING in business.

You’ve come this far. You’ve taken all sorts of risks, now it’s time to take a LEAP OF FAITH – with me.

Now it’s time to get paid and reap the rewards you’ve been waiting for.

So just before I close, a quick note if I may, & a word of caution:

If you choose to do nothing, and walk away from this program today, then just remember that you choose to walk away from the abundant true life changing opportunities that await you. Worse still, you choose to continue to face the many inarguable threatening times to come. You choose to guesswork your way through the uncertain waters ahead. You choose to say no to you and your financial future, and that would be a BIG MISTAKE

You started your business for a reason… Whether it was money, prestige, freedom, independence – whatever.

Now make it happen…

Just like Walter Russell once said: ‘Mediocrity is self-imposed, Genius is ‘self-bestowed’.

You can do it.

Success for you is just around the corner.

We are living proof of this unbelievable truth… and have been for over a decade…

And so are so many of my startled jaw-dropping happy clients, because they made a decision to make that choice…

And now it’s time for you to make that choice.

Come join me. I can’t wait to hear your story, & look forward to speaking with you soon.

Matt Raad

P.S. Take advantage of this amazing offer now, and see for yourself the opportunities that lie awaiting you. Let this year be the year you finally turn your business into a ‘highly profitable and hot selling fortune, with minimal effort or cost.

P.P.S. No-one else has the confidence that we do. Frankly, I know nothing that could turn your business around in 12 weeks or less like this program. I’ve spent over 15 years learning it, but now you can experience the same benefits that only a select few have been privileged enough to discover.

P.P.P.S. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to apply of all these techniques. The “12 Week Turnaround Program” will allow you to begin immediately. And remember, you have nothing to lose. If after 30 days, you are not convinced this is going to propel your business to the highest level, I’ll refund your money – no questions asked”.